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Do CCRC’s Improve and Extend Life for Seniors?

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I’ve recently had an inquire from another consultant asking if I had a source for the statements many make about seniors living better and longer in a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC).  One of my colleagues found one such source that I want to share with you.

Most sites that refer to CCRC residents living longer use as their source. It has this paragraph on page 8:

“The information within this section relies heavily on the findings of William Scanlon and Bruce Layton in the United State GAO Report to Congressional Requesters. Statistics show that CCRC residents have a life-expectancy which is 1½ to 2 years longer than other elderly individuals. It has also been found that CCRCs reduce the risk of disease and disability and improve the health and functioning of their residents. Although little research has been done on what exactly causes these noticeable health benefits, many have attributed it to the more active approach that CCRCs take towards health care.”

The report was written by Jacquelyn Sanders, a third-year undergraduate student at Colgate University at the time. She doesn’t quote original sources for the statistics and in the report she refers to (by Scanlon & Layton),

I hope this helps you in presenting to your customers the benefits of living in a CCRC vs. remaining in their home.

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~ Rick Hunsicker

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Written by Rick Hunsicker

July 20, 2011 at 8:08 am

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